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IP Business Outlook

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NPEs: Seize all the opportunities from the future European patent system

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There should be an European Unitary Patent system: will it change everything for the better in the way you protect, manage, litigate, and exploit your IP ?

Alas, although Europe is about to have the best patent system in the world, many large companies from both sides of the Atlantic are already wary about embracing the Unitary Patent because of a lack of information and certainty on how will it operate and how to make a vital cost/benefit assesment on its future implications.

This outlines that, even after the regulations will be adopted by the European Parliament and the implementation phase will start, a lot will still have to be done to promote the system towards its potential users and to make sure that it will respond to their needs.

This year, for its first time ever, the Unitary Patent Conference comes necessarily to New York City. Be part of this event and apprehend everything you need to know on how to seize the new opportunities from the European Patent System.







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