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The Paneuropean Intellectual Property Summit

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Hilton Berlin
Mohrenstrasse 30
10117 Berlin Germany
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The Leading European Patent Country and the Innovation of Berliners

Germany is the number one patent applicant within the EU-28 Members States according to the “Eurostat Patent Statistics” findings released on 15 June 2015. Notably, patent applications are used as indicators to measure levels of innovation and competitiveness in a country.

Germany reached approximately 22.8 thousand patent applications in 2012 corresponding to 41,4% of the total number of patent applications to the EPO within the EU-28. At a regional instance, statistics point out that fifteen German cities ranked among the top 30, notably Dusseldorf (2nd), Munich (3rd), Stuttgart (4th), Hamburg (6th), Frankfurt (7th), Nurnberg (8th), Berlin (10th), Bielefeld (13th), Koln (14th), Heidelberg (16th), Regensburg (19th), Hannover (22nd), Karlsruhe (26th) and Freiburg im Breisgau (27th) and Manheim (30th).

This aside, Berlin is the German capital and is transforming itself in a chief and lively destination for startup technology companies and corporations seeking innovation. Berlin is becoming known for its renewed culture and creativeness, innovative solutions and cross-sector collaborations. Recent news conveys that Berlin’s potential is optimistic, as corporations such as Microsoft and eBay have set up offices to collaborate with high-tech startups.

Premier Cercle™ picked Berlin as the city to host the 10th Edition of the Pan-European IP Summit this year. During the IP Summit in Berlin, 3 and 4 December 2015, corporates will share perspectives that address core European patent issues and other IP rights, and foster innovation and business opportunities as Berliners do.

For joining us in this great occasion, please visit our registration page.
Magda Voltolini


Registered participants attending the IP Summit 2015 are now leveraging a brand new and innovative feature that allows them to see the list of other participants and connect with a few chosen ones through Premier Cercle’s social networking platform.

What is exactly this “social networking platform”?
Since the first occurrence of the IP Summit in 2004, our IP and Competition summits provide opportunities for networking on welcome, gala and cocktail receptions, as well as through lunches and pauses.
This year in 2015, we extend the possibilities for the IP summit to an online platform for delegates to exchange their contact details in browsing through the list of other participants and making their choice of networked peers.
The selected persons will receive an invitation to share by e-mail their contact details, which they can either accept or decline. Every invitation can be customized with a personal message.

What are the main objectives of this platform?
Although quite simple in its most basic features, this platform can provide a good number of useful services to all the participants of the IP Summit 2015.
Before the first day of the summit, it will allow you, for instance, to set one-to-one meetings at a known time and place in Hilton or elsewhere in Berlin for the 3 or the 4 of December.
After the conferences will be held, it will provide you with a second chance to connect together with someone you haven’t had the time or opportunity to meet physically onsite.





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